About Us

Rings of Care is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting and supporting Informal family caregivers.

Each caregiver has different needs and every family is in a different place with their needs. Our organization meets people where they are at in their journey. Whether you are a new caregiver or have been caring for your loved ones for many years.

We have created a platform to support caregivers.

The portal offers a calendaring and narrative for caregivers and the people in their ring of care. The caregiver has the ability to create tasks and calendar them to ask for help in covering tasks. They have control of what they “give away” and only create tasks that they are comfortable with others managing.

Additionally, there is a narrative section where they can share status updates with their ring of care.

Our platform is not HIPPA compliant and caregivers are responsible for the content they share at their personal comfort level

Our Team

Niki Staab

Executive Director

Rachel Blankenship


Allexus Strohm


Victoria Campbell Osborne

Vice President

Crystal Dominguez

Board Member

Sith Eng

Board Member

Erica Miller

Board Member