How do I register as a caregiver in the portal system?2024-04-08T11:41:17-05:00

To register as a caregiver, please visit our registration page and fill out the necessary information. Once registered, you will receive a unique ID via email, which you will use to log in and manage your tasks and volunteers.

I’m a volunteer. How do I register and get matched with a caregiver?2024-04-05T16:28:57-05:00

Volunteers should register on our portal using the unique ID provided by a caregiver. This ID ensures you’re matched with the correct caregiver, allowing you to view and sign up for tasks assigned by them.

How can caregivers assign tasks to volunteers?2024-04-05T17:04:58-05:00

Caregivers can assign tasks to specific volunteers by selecting a task and choosing a volunteer from the list. If you prefer, you can leave tasks unassigned, and volunteers can then choose which tasks they want to take on.

Can volunteers add or edit tasks in the system?2024-04-05T16:53:34-05:00

No, only caregivers have the ability to input and edit tasks. Volunteers can view and accept tasks but cannot modify them.

How do I view my tasks as a volunteer?2024-02-29T10:45:29-06:00

You can view your tasks in either the my tasks page calendar view or the list view. These views will show you tasks that are specifically assigned to you and any unassigned tasks you can pick up.

How do caregivers use the message board?2024-02-29T10:46:27-06:00

Caregivers can use the message board to leave messages for all volunteers, providing updates, important information, or words of encouragement. Volunteers can read these messages but cannot post new messages.

I don’t have time to volunteer. How else can I support Rings of Care?2024-02-29T10:46:55-06:00

If you’re unable to volunteer your time, you can always support Rings of Care by donating money. Every contribution helps us continue our work and support our caregivers and volunteers.

What happens if I forget my unique ID?2024-02-29T10:47:53-06:00

If you forget your unique ID, please reference the original email sent to you or contact our support team to retrieve it.

Can caregivers see which volunteers have signed up for tasks?2024-02-29T10:48:53-06:00

Yes, caregivers can view which volunteers have signed up for specific tasks, allowing them to manage and coordinate tasks effectively.

How do caregivers edit tasks?2024-04-05T17:02:38-05:00
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